Tuesday, January 20, 2009

aduh...harus kah aku di tagged lagik?

aduh, aku kena tagged lagik dgn onggon..dia masih belum insaf lagi apa yg menariknya ye mengenai tagged kali ni, penerangan lanjut dibuat oleh giler la..hahaha..layan je..kalo korang nk tagged sape2, copy n paste je la..

#Go to and type in your answers to the following questions.
#Post the first definition it gives you.
#Then Tag 5 people."

1. Your name?
~ Siti Sarah
~the hottest and cutest girl in school shes just so awesome and has the best personality, shes realy shy at times but everyone loves her and whoever doesnt love her is just a jelous lozer:) and if ur a guy(damion, aj) then u should deffenitly go out with her
omg did u see that sarah girl over there?
yea isnt she the coolest? ya, dont forget the nicest!

2. Your age?
~ 26
~ one of the largest prison gangs in south africa. "sonop" tattoos include the number 26 with a crude half circle above it with sun rays extending. 26's operate during daylight hours.
the other numbers gangs are the 27's and 28's
is daai mens n frans? (frans = new to prison / not affiliated to a gang)

nee, hy's n ses en twintag (26), saam met ougat. (no, he's a twenty six, he's with ougat)

3. One of your friends?
~ Farid
~ a callsign in malay use for an extraordinary human who exceed the limit of normal human and also mostly consist of freaks. Usually it refers to superhero and sometimes refers to freak
hey, thats guy is a farid, he's damn cool but still hes a farid. Better stay away from farid

farid boredom is killing me, we need farid to help solve this trouble

4. What should you be doing?
~ Blogging
~ Exclamatory Adjective: Used to describe something that is worthy of being put on a blog or just something noteworthy.

5. Favourite colour?
~ Brown
~ An attractive color that has had its reputation destroyed because so many people have decided to associate it exclusively to feces. This is quite sad, considering so many other disgusting things are NOT brown, but don't get associated with the subject.

6. Birthplace?
~ Perak
~ A pompous, self congratulating asshole whose only interest in life is to make himself look good at the expense of others.
I hate working with our maintenance manager, Denny. What a Perak!

7. Month of your birth?
~ November
~ The best month of the year! Snow, getting ready for Christmas, celebrating thanksgiving & havin thanksgiving break!
November rocs my socs.

8. Last person you talked to?
~ Amri (my husband)
~ soulmate forever.!:)

9. One of your nicknames?
~ cik_ah
~ i used cik_ah because i don't want to use puan_ah..cik_ah is much better

10. Tag 5 aliens :
~ memandangkan team Search & Destroy onggon dh tag.. so, aku persilakan sape2 yang nk wat..kak yong, saya amat berbesar hati skali jika anda membuat tagg ini...hehe


khairul onggon said...

Tahniah.. anda telah berjaya membuktikan bahawa anda mesra tag.. so lepas ni ada lagi cobaan yang menanti eheks...

cik_ah82 said...

aaahh..onggon, bila la kamu mau insaf..kelak kamu ditagged berduyun2 tiba..;)


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